Episode III – a new beginning

The speech of the vice-chancellor had given this young generation of student warriors a new hope. And many wished that he had poured more of his soothing words into their thirsting souls.

But the vice-chancellor – with firm gestures – made clear that the time of words was over that now actions had to follow. Bravely he marched ahead out of Sheldonia with his most eminent officers following him into a yet unknown and uncertain future.

The young Padawan learners – or dare I say Jedis, now that they had been initiated – were still hesitant. Would they find the courage to follow the example of their great leader? But although hesitant, follow they did into a new and better future, confident to finally overcome “those who came from the bridge”.

Postscript: De Typ wo vo de wichtige übrigens als letschte usewobbled und offesichtlich d Hälfti vo sim Züg am Bode vergässe hät, isch dänn also de leader vo eusem college gsi. Isch sehr en friedliche Typ, hät vor de Zeremonie die ganz Ziit Jokes grisse über die ganz Verastaltig…


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