Recycling à la UK – the Green Box

The urge to recycle is spreading around the globe quickly and in the past few years it has also reached the shores of the island called UK. But of course the British have to recycle in their own way to set themselves apart from the rest. And it is a very peculiar way indeed.

First of all we have two boxes, a green and a blue one. The green box is for glass bottles and paper but not plastic bottles and cardboard. Now let us pause for a minute. Why would you jumble glass and paper together? Does that make sense…unless… now I got it: they’re collecting millions of glass bottles and paper to send them out to all the Robinson Crusoes still out there in the world marooned on their respective non British islands.

Or are we marooned in the Uk and do we send out bottles with messages to the rest of the world? And what would the message be? Teach us how to recycle in a way that makes sense?

To be continued…



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