annoy all



Internet basics:

We have to talk about this. So many people just don’t seem to be aware what they are doing. I mean the possibility of sending emails to multiple recipients is probably one of the greatest time-saving inventions since the bicycle and the microwave (more time to waste on facebook…).

But there’s a downside. People don’t seem to get the difference between “reply” and “reply all”. Now it’s really great to be on all those news lists. But honestly I’m just not really interested whether random person A cannot come to random event B because their hamster is ill, or as in this case, if Joe “whoever this is” Martin is doing a Barndance for international students at the global café and therefore cannot attend the prayer meeting.

Am I too harsh? Well maybe…but we’ve got too much spam anyway so why produce it ourselves? If I really want to know why you can’t make it to the annual meeting of the grocery society – just change your status on facebook. There at least you’re not a random person, you’re a friend – even if I’ve only briefly seen you once at a convention for demented rabbits.

So please  guys don’t use the reply all function unless it is really a life and death matter – but then who am I to judge. Maybe the barndance is…


1 Response to “annoy all”

  1. November 11, 2007 at 1:39 pm

    … i reply on this post, since it is kind of a reply-to-all functions. true that, punk!

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