Snob Joke of the Day

Dramatis Personae:

Ori Bowen (Coach):ori.jpg

Alex Murray (crew member: alex.jpg

Mike Cuthbertson (crew member): s61306276_4481.jpg

Important background knowledge: There are two universities in Oxford. The world famous prestigious University of Oxford and the small Oxford Brookes University.

Scene: St. Peter’s novice crew have just left the water and are gathering to discuss the outing.

Mike: ” Ori, can you explain to us what you exactly mean by tapping down, so that an absolute Idiot, a Baby, a complete moron…can understand it.”

(Mike is obviously struggling, trying to find more terms to make his point that Ori explains it in really simple terms. Alex comes to his help.)

Alex: “What Mike is trying to say is ‘Can you explain it so that even a Brookes student could understand it.'”



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