You all know that here in Britain and in some other parts of the Commonwealth people drive on the left side. If you look at it from a historical perspective it is even the more logical thing to do than the other way round. People on horseback used to shake hands with their right hands (what a discrimination against us lefthanders…) and ergo would pass each other on the left.

No problem with that. I got used to cycling on the left very quickly and it became actually a routine because I’m cycling the same roads everyday and I could not see myself cycling in the inverse direction on either side (area specificity is the key term here…)

But imagine my surprise, when I discovered some weeks ago that even the brakes on my bike are wired up the other way round. All of you experienced continental cyclists know that “normally” the front brake is on the left side, whereas the rear brake is on the right. Not so in the UK. And I must confess, I haven’t got used to THAT yet…But respect to such a high level  of consistency…


3 Responses to “Consistency”

  1. 1 elène bianchi
    November 15, 2007 at 6:59 pm

    hey,aber das alles links isch , isch doch irgendwie logisch.dä hund lauft ja ä links vo mir.so hämer da i dä hundeschuel glehrt,wobi die ä wieder vodä brite stammt.psst, mer wüssed ned, woher euse hundelehrer chumt….
    und ich ertapp mich derbi:wil dä hund links vo mir lauft, laufemer ebe zäme uf dä linke site vom wägli und sind verwirrt,wämer gegeverchehr händ vomene velofahrer.
    ja d brite und ihres commenwealth händ scho än unglaubliche ifluss.bis id schwiz.
    das isch ned so schlimm.schlimmer isch, wänn denn min ma, wie min hund ä links vo mir laufe muess und gar nüt meh verstaht.
    aber es macht en sinn, wenn du mit dä linke hand dä hund a dä leine häsch, vorusgsetzt, du bisch rechtshänder.(dä chasch mit dä linke dä hund hebe und mit dä rechte d tür ufmache)
    bi dä linkshänder lauft dä hund nämli rechts,das zählt ä im britische hunde sport.

  2. 2 luke
    November 18, 2007 at 7:47 pm

    “Area specificity” – come off it! 😉

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