rock ‘n’ roll

Saturday night – we’re returning from the boat club dinner to the mcr (common room for graduates). Karaoke night is fully underway. Brittany asks me if I’d sing a song. I have a look at the playstation cd and instantly grasp that the only decent song is “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. All the other stuff being softie junk from the 80ies. Yoda’s words come to mind: “Do or do not. There is no try.” So I tell Britanny: “Ok I’ll do ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. But I’ll have to warn you. If I do it I do it do or die style.” She hasn’t got any idea what I’m talking about or what sort of madness is about to take place. Suddenly it comes to mind that I’m the same age as Cobain was, when he killed himself. Don’t worry, am not going to, although singing that song might do the job. So here’s a twen wishing he smelled like teen spirit screaming out the ultimate hymn of the 90ies. In the background Brittany can only smile at my madness.

And I can tell you. I still haven’t found my voice yet again… but I’m still alive. And it was worth it – and just so much fun!

And thanks Lydia for capturing that moment of sheer madness…



1 Response to “rock ‘n’ roll”

  1. 1 elène bianchi
    November 30, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    es isch mega trurig mitem kurt donald cobain.er isch dä musiker, wo mich persönlich am meiste im lebe beeidruckt hät, wie ken andere.
    er isch so talentiert gsi.es isch eine zviel,wo z früeh gange isch.eine vo vielne.es isch schad um dä kurt.

    empfehlenswert zum lese uf englisch:
    charles.r.cross/heavier than heaven
    the biography of kurt cobain

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