Annoy Story


I discussed this already. Someone sends a mail to multiple recipients some dupe replies to all, a neverending story ensues as in the following example:

Rebecca our social secretary sends a mail about a job opportunity as invigilators (supervision in exams). Michael Chang (no, not the tennis player…) does not understand the word invigilate and replies to all:

“What in the world is invigilating??”

I think to myself the best way to handle this is irony and sarcasm and reply myself to all with the following words:

“Haha, great question Mike! Yeah, I think there’s a slightly perverse onomatopoeiac touch to that word. But it’s actually quite harmless and means to keep watch, especially to watch over students at an examination in this case for admissions.

Note: I’m aware I’m annoying everyone by replying to all!


Now this calls my great nemesis A.W. (name known to me…) upon the scene. He writes:

“So don’t reply to all then!”

Obviously, lacking any kind of imagination, he has not detected the undercurrent of my irony. So I try to spell it out to him:

“I’m trying to make a point here…(Sarcasm, Irony that kind of thing???) And Michael started it anyway…”

Now read his aggressive and absolutely “if you shove a piece of coal up my arse, it will soon turn into a diamond”-type of response:

“You’re not trying to make a point, you’re trying to be funny, which by the way you’re not. You’re also not being sarcastic or ironic, you’re just being plain annoying.

Michael asked a daft question which he could probably have answered in about 30 seconds had he looked in a dictionary, but nonetheless I don’t think he intended to irritate anyone. Sentiments you would do well to share!”

Now on the one hand he definitely needs to relax or he’ll suffer from a heart attack before his thirty or burns out in the next few weeks or might even do something worse. So I feel really sorry for him.

But on the other hand there is only one way to reply to that by stating: True that…PUNK! (Luki and Raph N. you know what I mean…)

But I’m yet undecided and I need your help and wisdom in this. So that’s why I have created a poll (follow the link above…).

Vote yes if you think I should punk him and no if you think I should rather try and help him relax in this very tense life of his…

Cheers guys!


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