Buy a Guitar – Save the Environment!


Nikola Tesla (David Bowie): Reminding us of the cost…

What???!!!! I’m sure you’re asking yourself: How on earth do you want to save our planet by buying a guitar coju? Well, of course, a guitar, as any instrument (in a general sense), can be used for good and evil. Now you’re even more confused…right?

Well, I’m thinking of buying a new guitar. The particular model I have in mind is a Taylor 210E (please do comment, if you have any opinion on that model…) and here in the UK this guitar’s price is £649 whereas in the US it’s – don’t ask me why – some £200 cheaper.

Flights to New York are available from £200. So theoretically I could fly to New York and buy my guitar there and still end up paying the same price.

But, as David Bowie as Nikola Tesla reminds Robert Angier in “The Prestige” of the dangers involved in building his infernal machine, by asking: “Have you considered the cost?”, I have to ask myself the same question regarding my potential trip to the Big Apple – do I want to burden the planet with a meaningless, although to me “free” flight?

So price and cost are not necessarily the same thing. Anyway as I don’t have time anyway to fly to New York at the moment but urgently, really urgently want to get myself that guitar (so much for patience…) I think I’m going to go to the guitar shop next door, buy the guitar and retain my good conscience towards our poor planet, forgetting about the Taylor’s Mahogany neck…


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