The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a…PhD Student…sigh…

There are those days, when you just don’t get any work done.

Everything starts fine. You’re getting up early, set your mind to work and are really motivated. But suddenly you remember that you should organise the distribution of the flyers for the Graduate Christian Union and then that takes up an hour. Then of course you deserve a break. And after that break you answer a couple of e-mails that are, to be fair, at least partly work-related. As it is almost lunch-time you think “es bring doch nüt” to start now for half an hour.  So you have lunch. After lunch you have a bad feeling as you ate too much and go running for an hour with your flatmate. But you only realise too late that your flatmate’s in a running club, so you can only barely keep his pace – but you manage. The result is that you do lose weight but are exhausted for the rest of the day.

You remember that you wanted to print out some stuff at college and so drag your tired a–e on your bike around town and print out that form you have to hand in. It’s only then that you realize that you haven’t brought a pen to fill that form in and so you go to the common room and meet the assistant chaplain, who knows half the people you know and so you chat to her about what her job is and all that and learn about theologian Jürgen Moltmann who was a pupil of Karl Barth. Luckily you can borrow her pen and at least you get that form filled in.

So you’re almost on your way to the department to hand in the form, when you meet a fellow rower from college and you end up chatting about the summer each of you had. You remember that another friend wanted to take german lessons and that this dude is studying german and make a mental note to introduce them to each other over facebook later. Finally, as you get to the department, you can’t find the pigeon hole of the person you’re supposed to hand the form to but luckily there’s some random person who promises to deliver the form to that person for you. You haven’t got the time not to trust that person, so you do, not because you trust her, but because you haven’t got the time, aren’t you listening?

Anyway, I forgot to tell you that it’s dark and cold outside, and so as you come home you have to reward yourself and yes by now it’s six o’clock which means dinnertime. So you have dinner and after dinner coffee and then you sit in the lounge with your flatmate, who’s also playing the guitar, listen to his recently written songs and prepare the worship with him for the next day’s postgraduate pastorate. Having done that, you end up discussing the financial crisis because he’s an ecomonist and it’s so refreshing to talk to someone who actually does know how a state can just miraculously come up with 700 billion dollars. You ask him if he can teach you that trick because of course you’d also want 700 billion dollars but he says he can’t and you remember, how stupid of you, he’s just an economist and not a magician. So you think that, since you’re not getting rich instantly, you might just as well work. But you realize it’s already 2330 and what’s the point in that, it’s too late now.

So what to do? At least you could write something onto your blog. There might even be people who read it, unlike your PhD-thesis, which probably no one will ever read or understand. Why? Because of days like this, IT DOESN’T EVEN GET WRITTEN IN THE FIRST PLACE.

It’s not that you haven’t learnt anything today, it’s just it hasn’t got much to do with your PhD-thesis: “Collisions – The Sacrificial Crisis in Dystopian Fiction.” Or so you might think. Because you see,  there’s a reason why you are a PhD student. The genius lies in  making everything relevant to your work…hahaha…good night!


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